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Challenge - Located in China, one of the world’s largest gas grill manufacturers became the primary supplier of premium, full-size gas grills to Canada’s largest retailer of gas grills – Canadian Tire. In an average year, the manufacturer was expected to produce upwards of 200,000 grills for the retailer. In support of this large program, the retailer expected the manufacturer to have domestic presence for both spare parts fulfillment and call center support, with national access to bi-lingual (English and French) agents.

In addition to the large scale of this program, the gas grill category itself presented many challenges from an after-sales perspective:

  • Looking at end users, consumers can be nervous and unsure of themselves when dealing with propane/natural gas and open flames;
  • Troubleshooting gas grills can be difficult particularly given that many of the problems customers experience stem from maintenance related issues.
  • Similarly, while many consumers consider themselves to be barbeque “experts”, many do not truly understand the basics of cooking over an open-flame and therefore have unrealistic or incorrect expectations about grill performance.

Recognizing the challenges of setting up an effective after-sales program in Canada, the manufacturer turned to Osirus.

How Osirus Helped > In close consultation with the manufacturer, our after-sales consultants developed a comprehensive after-sales program for their full line of premium gas grills, including some non-traditional after-sales services:

  • Call center set up, training and ongoing support;
  • Preparation of detailed trouble shooting documents for retailer and call center;
  • Integration of Osirus platform with the manufacturer’s branded website to enable online product/parts ordering and troubleshooting;
  • Parts warehousing and fulfillment;
  • In-home visits from product experts for escalated trouble shooting cases;

Success > Many stores within this retailer’s network now cite Osirus as the best after-sales service program available across the thousands of product categories they deal in. From the perspective of the manufacturer, with the addition of an Osirus after-sales program, they have grown to be the number one supplier of gas grills to the Canadian market and are considered one of Canadian Tire’s largest vendors.

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